*As Random As It Gets

Welcome to my weirdest random life. Umm to start with, I should say that I find happiness in all random things. Be it a spicy food, or a bar of cadbury bournville rich cocoa, or a center fresh chewing gum, or just a little tattoo that you get free sometimes with chewing gums and stuffs. YES. I don't actually like to follow the ideal footprints of growing up. I never miss to look at cute baby stuffs even It may look weird at times, I don't miss to talk with babies even though their mom's aren't too keen on letting me to talk with their babies. I don't miss to live life on my own terms, and none can actually rule my world, except me.

Having a dull morning..

I play it..frequently. When Am lost in some thoughts. ♥ my camera settings!

Two Toned Lips! Looks weird. Just As Me. :D

The Loving Devil In Me! lol

When I find myself Confusing. I rather start thinking of more confusing stuffs! But I should say that I just love love love cats and dogs and babies, omg! I get crazy seeing these 3.

hope to be back with something worthwhile next time.


*Dark Angel*


  1. Those slippers are dangerous !! Where did you get them ?

    Anyway, I love the child inside you . I too have a child hidden inside me-I love cotton candies, cadbury's 5 star, balloons, I like to pull the cheeks of babies (and grown ups too ! ) even if their mothers may not like that !

    1. Those were a steal!!! bought them from sreeram arcade, at kol. I still love to act like a child. I too love cotton candies, kitkat, milkybar and what not? I love everything a kid loves. lol


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