*Confused Soul

The past reminds me of dreams,
A lot unfulfilled.

The images of me,
Distorted, broken, shattered perhaps.

I try to break free to a vast distant land.

The future seems blurred to me,
I see nothing clear,

My life seems lost,
In the midst of nowhere.

I find confusing to live a life,
So hopeless, so boring, so filled with lie.

I try to live for others,
But end up dying.
I find myself chained to life!

P:S - This is a inspired post from kanika's blog Sensitive Chaos Fantabulous February Day Twenty Four.

*Dark Angel*


  1. Love the way you write!
    You mentioned the lines ' I end up dying ''. But every death of the soul is succeeded by rebirth of a new soul. Maybe it is in dying that we are born to eternal life ! It means that when we die to self, or become less selfish by focusing on God and others we awaken to a spiritual life that we miss if we are focused on our own needs and wants. ( these are the lines of St. Francis of Asisi as explained by some scholar )
    Have a nice day !

    1. thanks. yeah i do believe that, but death doesnt mean rebirth of new soul, its just god giving us another chance to live a better life. acc. to me though!

    2. That is what I also meant -Getting another chance to live a better life-{as you said } is the rebirth (or the second birth) of a soul-it is the same old soul but "new" because its awareness has changed now!

  2. 'Chained to life',that was strong. Maybe that's why we long for life because we don't know what to do with freedom. Free not to live any more? Wow! I wonder how that feels. Well done.


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