Today..not in a great mood to write something, the day seems gloomy just like me. But I woke up too early. and so just getting bored. I hate studying in the morning, you know. The bed attracts me more than books. lol.
So i've been going through few blogs, I follow, and few new ones. I must tell you that I really love asian fashion,  Japanese for instance. The hime, gyaru styles inspire me a lot. I cant remove my eyes from them, dont know why. I was never into all these styles during my teenage, but with tweenage i've been a lot into all these. Yes, I think i'll be doing a lot of makeup, hime, gyaru, tsuome style makeups and there are lot more I don't know still. Ignore my ignorance to them. But I respect, love their style, how I wish I was born in Japan or at least Tokyo. They are so cute. well..I should control myself. Tomorrow is my exam. Still a lot of studying left to do. Well, I need to run now. Mom's calling. Got to study. >.<  

*Dark Angel*


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