Life seems so boring. I wish i could join the trekking or some active sports. I just don't like to follow the monotonous way of life. I don't like to take rest, I don't like to sleep much. I just don't like sitting ideal and doing almost nothing. It bores me to infinity. I have developed this passion. whenever I feel am getting bored, I switch on my synthe, and start playing some random tunes, back in that day I played this random tune and suddenly it started sounding like what ya want from me. a cute song by Adam Lambert. So, this is my life. and btw, it rained so so so much yesterday, I was studying but my mind was out of the window. even today when I went for exam, it rained like hell. The downside of rain is those ugly, yucky muddy roads, or water clogged roads, but kolkata rain is something that can never be missed, and I was so happy for today's weather that I chose to walk from my college to my place which is well about 20 km, not less, but am not yet tired after walking such a long road. huh! life is awesome! I plan to go out someday to some random unknown place just to invent the roads and the people. lets hope. lets see. who takes me. or whom do I take with me. umm..nothing more to fill up today I think. will be back...tomorrow. bbye :*

*Dark Angel*


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