So a little exhausted today, exam's going good. I miss blogging, beauty stuffs. I lost my old blogs password :/ but am gonna start anew, so this blog is my aim now. and am gonna keep my passwords saved somewhere. :D Am planning to do all sort of emo makeups I dream of, all asian makeups for sure I will do. Life is so randomly funny. I hate the fact that life is limited. huh! wish I had some magic potions and so I could live for thousand years, and go shopping, enjoying, watching movies, parties!!!! I will miss earth. cos its amazing. I always dream t of growing up to adult, but I will miss being a kid, and enjoy the world. I feel sad whenever I see old peoples on the streets. We all are in a chain/ a cycle. We all gonna be old. wrinkled. lazy. tired. I will hate that, for I cant stay or stand still for 2 minutes, how could I stay back at home when I'll be old? hmmmm. Lets bunk it. Am getting emotional. I know this is a undeniable fact. and none can escape. and I don't want to either :D 
Kinda sleepy. lazy. tired. I'll go to bed. texting maybe. God knows. Will be back updating my diary. 

*Dark Angel*


  1. Oh,your exams are going on? Fantabulous February(and the equally fantabulous bloggers participating in it)miss you.:-(
    Anyway,best of luck for the exams! Rock the papers. Love.

    1. thanks. papers was good. happy happy mood. see I rhymed :P :)


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