So I just missed out writing my diary. Well, just too hectic days, and the summer has already started and am truly madly deeply hating it to infinity. Not that happy mood. Yesterday went out with friends, had a great start to the morning, had lunch outside, hanged out, chatted, laughed like crazy, made fun of random people and what not? Probably the best day ever it looked like came back home happily, until got the news that my friends grandma passed away! What? I just couldn’t believe it would happen just like that! Why it had to happen on the day that went so well? I am not scared of dying. But I hate it when suddenly something comes to a stop.
But people don’t realize it. They go on doing stuffs that hurts others, knowing that none will live forever, we don’t resist ourselves from doing all wrong stuffs. sometimes I hate this world, and I feel I should have been born as a bird so that I could fly away from stuffs that makes me cry or makes me feel sad. umm, so anyways, I should go out now. Having a emotional hangover. Lol. I need to do some shopping. Yippee.


*Dark Angel*


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