*Different Style

hey all,
so today I thought of updating with a different stuff. This was something I tried few days back, and I kinda liked the color, blue liner. pink lips.


*Dark Angel*


  1. Hey, I too try out make up sometimes at home although other than the lipstick, I do not wear make up at all when I go out. I have some funny pictures of me while experimenting with my make up, which I capture in my mobile from time to time.I have a lot of make up stuff and God knows when I will try them !!!
    I might ask you to write a guest post on make up in the future if I feel like writing on this subject. It seems you know a thing or two about eye make up-love the bold colors !!!

    1. haha.thanks. I too take multiple shots of me while trying different styles. Umm. I really donno much. but Yep I know a bit of makeup. I go for eyes and lips only. nothing more. and eyeliner is my staple thing. sure. I would love to write a guest post :)

  2. what lovely eye makeup!!!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment :)

    keep visiting <3




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