That was the night I froze to death..
The night that chose my fate..
That was the night I chose to see..
The other side..of the rustic me..
I sat beside a glass o' wine..
Holding to the railing…70 feet high!
I leapt towards the cold breeze..
He was shivering..cold and creased!
I went up…to him..to say..
I chose my fate..nothing more today!
You had to die..for you done wrong!
You used me..you teased me.
You have done wrong.
I sat…bloods all over my coat..
I climbed to the bed just to passout..
I took that glass..broke it twice..
Then slowly It kissed my nerves…
Am done!
I chose my fate..for I done wrong.
I chose my fate cos…I had nothing more to lose..
For I lost my love..
My love was lost..
I killed him…..for I done wrong!
I chose my fate…..
The other side of being alive..
Got kissed by death!

P:S-This is an inspired post from  kanika's blog  Sensitive Chaos Fantabulous February-day fifteen. Thanks to her. I can now practice enough of writing I think. :)

*Dark Angel*


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