I see lights at the end of the tunnel..
I try to grab it, with my fearful hands!
Am tired..tired with ages..
My legs shaking..seeing shaking images..
The past flickers!

Darkness behind me..
Screams, violence..all around..
I try to run away..but am wound!
Wounded with fears..fears so close!
Fears of losing you..fears to get rid of!
Rid of? Oh everything!
Maybe of you.
I hate my body..i thank to you.
I thank god. For showing me mercy.
For giving me another chance.
To live...to live a life.

But now..
Am near...near to the valley..
The valley..so dear to..me!
I search for the peace..
I longed for long..
Am near that atlast..
Atlast I found it.
Life..worth it..
That's the light..i see flickering!
Flickering..with all its energy..
Power..to lure me to it..
I feel love..out of pain..
Its is what I was longing for..

P:S - This is an inspired post from kanika's blog Sensitive Chaos's Fantabulous February Day seventeen 

*Dark Angel*


  1. You saw death too? Guess the brightest pictures convey the darkest thoughts after all. I thought you won't write because of exams. So glad to see you did! Wish I could be as brave.*Sigh*
    P.S. This one is literally moving. Desperate,and pleasantly so.

    1. Thanks, yeah..returned home from college and wrote this. Not as brave as you think though ;) Thanks for appreciation :)


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