She danced to Eminem, rihanna and shakira ,
She singed various numbers ,
Her life revolved around , musics and guitar !

She had little time for her studies ,
So little that she forgot her habits ,
Of doing homeworks and crafts ,
She used to get punishment for all these nonsense stuffs .

She never dared to look back ,
She was scared to fall .
She never loved cheap talk ,
She was fairly ground .

She loved eating pizza , and icecreams ,
She liked to walk a mile chasing her daring dreams .

She loved watching cartoons , though she was a grown up ,
She never missed watching the rain , and never missed the first shower .

She loved talking to dogs , and cats as well ,
Sometimes the birds used to sing a nice farewell .

She loved watching the rainbow crossing through the building she lived ,
She loved walking down the beach on a cozy summer evening .

She loved to watch the moon , thinking who else might be seeing it ,

She loved to talk endlessly almost about random things .

She loved dressing up just like a lady
and walk past the road .
She had a nice attitude , everyone envied her pretty look .

She cared less about boyfriends and more about friends ,

She was daring and adventurous kind ,
She was one in a million find .

And yeah , that's me !

 an eternal flower in Gods garden , 
as pure as it can be !

P:S - This is an inspired post from kanika's blog Sensitive Chaos's Post Of Fantabulous February Day Twenty Six. 

*Dark Angel*


  1. superb rendition that seems autobiographical :-)

  2. loved the way you have expressed yourself in this poem. Got a glimpse of your life here.
    I also loved the fact that you chose to compare yourself with an eternal flower ! Keep it up !

    1. tried a different thing this time. thanks though :)


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