*A part of me

Never ask me if I missed you,
For you know I always did,

Never ask me if I cry for you,
Cos you know I loved you.

Never ask me why do I do this?
And do that?

Cos I got no answer, am this random,
I take life as it comes.

Maybe you would say am vagabond.
Oh yes sometimes I am.
But my life revolved around you,
But I grew out of your bond,
Now I don’t miss you.

I got music, I got poetry, I got my strings,
I got keys to play, I got weeds.

I don’t get it..why I loved you,
I don’t get it..why I chose you,
You never loved me back,
 I was a mere pony,
You played with me,
 You played with my damn feeling!

But time made me stronger,
Made me get up all over again,
I shrug my shoulder of all the kickass pain,

I grew out of all the feeling,
I grew old with them,

I am now a new me.
I wanna live and fall in love,
yet again!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Sounds like those new breed of songs...good one, but u can add flavor to it by adding music and creating a real song out of it....

  2. Never asking you again...Coz answers were all there.
    DO write for the last day of Fantabulous February,please?And I'll be doing Memorable March.Please participate.Pleassssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee...

    1. yep am gonna join for sure. am waitin for march now.

  3. Like the way you say it- straight from the heart, no sugar coating yet not devoid of emotions either, - that is what you are , that's how your poetry is ! Love it for that !

    1. thanks. means a lot. I tried to be frank. :)


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