There was a spark on my soul..
And all of a sudden..I felt alone!

I tried to look back, I tried to rethink!
Is that what I did back then?
Is that what I've been doing?

Past seems to follow me..
Like a stalker..daily
I just cant get rid of it.

I see in the mirror..
An image..distorted me!

Fine lines, wrinkled face..
Dark spots…

I try to make myself think..
Oh hello? Am not yet lost!

I play the favorite numbers..
Time and again..on the ipod!

I try to dance to it..
I try to get lost..
To a world..subliminal.
To a world..surreal.

How I wish I could go back time..
How I wish I could turn the clock..

So that we could see us..
Happy, all along!

Time waits for none, for none to see..
A world, so pure, a world so gleam

Frustration, drugs, dope,
Getting high..just one hope.

My shadow leaves me
When I walk past darkness.
All alone..

Wish I could see the sunshine,
From that broken window,

Wish I had time, to get to the periphery,
Of happiness, from all bittersweet agony.

*Dark Angel*


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