I wish I was a princess,
Of my own dreamland,

Riding in horses…with no fear, no worries,
Life would have been fun,

A party everyday,
With no agony..but ecstasy all the way,

I would have sound sleep, and dream of chocolates..
Then I would wake up at 10, with nothing to regret,

In the warmth of my blankets and coziness of my bed,
I would rather sleep a bit more in some or the other way.

Then I would wake up hearing my cell ring!
Its mandy here "lets go swim"

Oh! I replied.."Its Friday" I forgot,
I have swimming and art classes, which I miss a lot,

Oops…I was dreaming..am not a princess
My life's an utter mess..

Am a bit lonely, am a bit shy..but I never give up..I always try,

Am waiting just for that day, I would rather be..
A little darling princess always I wished to be.

P:S - From a lost diary!

*Dark Angel*


  1. You are already a princess, you just have to believe in it !


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