She looked 20 something, when we met first..
Time went by…nothing ever lasts…
I was standing behind the door…
To get down on the next stop!
A shiver down the spine..ran too fast!
Everyone shouted! I was amazed.
A road so clear..nothing ever happened.
We got down…to see what was wrong!
She looked pale..blood oozing out!
Everyone shouted *murder*accident!
Someone went to the driver..to beat him for this event!
I was merciless..i was scared.
For this is a face..of someone I knew..
Beautiful..and fair!
She seemed 50 something…wrinked with years,
But her eyes gazed…like the morning star!
She was gasping for life..when others ran behind.
I sat down to her..tried to make her speak…
She remembered me at once..she made a quick leap,
Handed me a chit…some address perhaps.
What is she trying to say?
Has she gone mad?
She said someone is waiting for me…for over these years…
I never thought this was going to be…
I never thought it to be so near!
For I left her…when I went away,
She had a different life..mine, was different!
I cried…she took her breath!
Last perhaps…everyone took her to rest.
I stood up…holding onto the paper.
Blood dripped…I wondered!
Who It might be over the years?
I went to the place...the road so known to me..
I reached the house!
Look who's coming!!
A girl of 15 years..shouted and ran!
Dad? Did I hear? Ah! I must be wrong!
She ran…ran…and reached me atlast..
Cried her heart out…I was in fear.
She's my daughter? Waiting for long?
I killed her mother? Can I say that to her?
I looked down at her..so young, so fresh.
She looks like me..ah! perhaps!
I told her…baby, your mother's gone!
She smiled, and said..dont worry papa, she told me you will be there, when she's gone.
My heart sank..so did my soul..
How could I live them..all alone?
I wandered how they lived..how they managed to stay..
With all the poverty..all along this way..
I pitied myself..for I did wrong..
That was the bus..we travelled along!
What goes around comes around…
She got killed, by that bus..we travelled along,
She got killed by that bus..where we made our first love!
She got killed..leaving me again..broken heart.

P:S-This is an inspired post from kanika's blog Sensitive Chaos Fantabulous February day sixteen.

*Dark Angel*


  1. Oho,that,in spite of dealing with blood and death don't know why,is THE most positive and brightest thing I've read this week!You gave it an interesting twist.I actually went back to your blogger profile and checked if you were male or female.:P

    1. hahaa, am not a man of 50 for sure. :P this is just a poem. lol! thanks for your words. means a lot :)


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