*Sick of you

What happens when you hit a block
And wonder what you did was all wrong?

What happens  when a person you love,
Told you to leave him alone?

What happens when you know you are right,
And have always been,
But he made you look wrong?

What happens when your trust breaks before your eyes,
And you cant cry anymore?

Its all question, and you have all the answers,
Yet you try to get rid of the numbing pain,
As if you know nothing.

You know you are going through a wrong lane,
You know everything,
But you let yourself do that,
Cos your life doesn’t mean a thing.

Anymore. At least. You feel.
Life took the sense out of you,
Now you feel the wrong is good for you,
Cos being right was your choice,
But you were always fooled.

You are sick of this world,
You try to scream out the deadly pain,
But your voice is numb,
You are in vain.

Stuck within the pain of life,
You find yourself chained to death!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Let the steam out in your poems - better than telling the person concerned ! :-)
    We need our innermost feelings to be validated by others- but when it does not happen we validate to ourselves by expressing ourselves- that you have done by writing this touching poem . I loved how you expressed yourself here. Keep it up !

    1. hahahaaa..never mind, poetry is just my imagination out of nothing. Its not related to my life. yet I try to make it look real. that's what poetry is all about. living an imaginary life :)


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