*Still Waiting

Its was dark and cold…
I could feel the breeze,

Freezing my soul..
I was waiting beside the bus stand,
Waiting for you..

You promised me, you shall come,
You shall take me..with thou..

Time went by…like flies,
I was waiting…

Waiting for you to come,

Don’t know when…
I remembered!

Am waiting for you…
For years.

For I believed your words,

That night you promised me in that church,
You will take me there,
We will marry, and run somewhere,

But you didn’t come yet, you didn’t keep your words,

Time made me rust..
Am broken, fragile, hardly can walk,

But trust me..I did keep my promise,
For, am still waiting, for you, my love. 

P:S - This is inspired by Kanika's post at her blog Sensitive Chaos Fantabulous February Day nineteen.

*Dark Angel*


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