Hands in hand..
We try to run..
From all evil, to a world so fun.

To a world enchanting...to a world unnerving,
We  try to leap...the years from dying,

Life seems fun, life seems pure..
When we are young, when we weren't demure.

It looks like joy everyday,
A party all around..
With glistening sun..shining above all.

Over the rainbow..
I look up to thee..
I see you..oh, and I  see me!

Clouds all over..birds flying high
A view so enchanting..causing to dying.

Imbecile I am..for I know not how to fly..
I wish I had wings..I wish I could fly..

I wish I didn’t lie..Over your burning pyre..

I wish I was dead..to be reborn again.
I wish I could half your deadly pain.

A world so vile..
I feel like running out of it..

I feel burnt out.
For, this killed you, for, this took you away from me.

I wish you could see me,
I wish you could feel my pain,
I wish you could hear me..
Crying all over again.

I wish they could leave you..just as you are..
I wish I were with you..everytime, everywhere.

Oh! I'm guilty..I am sorry I know.
But how could I tell you…I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Oh. But yes. I did loved him.
But I loved you too, you know my feeling,
Oh yes, I'm sorry.
I shouldn’t have lied.

I wish…drugs didn’t dope me..
I wish I were the one that day dying.

From the world so vile..
So imbecile..

I wish you were here..
To kiss me goodbye.

I wish you could see me..
Am old today, without you.

still waiting for you to love me..
oh! am dying. 
yes..at last you can feel me..

I am now my own reflection. 
Just as true. 

Welcome me to death..oh please.
I am sorry, wont leave you again, 
I do promise, with my death.
For am already deceased! 

P:S - This is a post inspired by kanika's blog sensitive chaos Fantabulous February day eighteen.

*Dark Angel*


  1. I don't know what to say...this one has truly left me speechless....well done !!!

  2. "Crying all over again"?Wow! That WAS strong!

    1. yep. thanks :) but i missed your post :(

  3. I loved the way you have expressed yourself here ! Keep it up !


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