I wish I could write...
Thousand and a more times...

I wish I could sing…like the bird flying high,

I wish I could dream like it would happen if I did!

I wish I could erase...the past, the bad sins.

I wish I could tell...a mere truth that looked fake.
I wish you would repent every time I've forgiven.

I wish I could draw myself…on the sands..and blown away!
I wish I was her. The dreaded gal who lost her way!

I wish I took time...everytime he looked down at me.

I wish I made less mistakes than he did !

I wish I made paper boats a lot more..
So that it would sail to him to inform that...am gone!

I wish I never wished on that falling star...
My wish never came true...we're still drifting apart!

*Dark Angel*


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