Teardrops..in my eye..
As I go back through the pages,
Teardrops in my eye..
I didn’t meet you since ages.
Teardrops fall down my cheek..
I try to stay calm and look through it..
The days I spent with you..so good..
The days were indeed..sweet!
Teardrops wetting my dress..
I feel myself..old..and wrinkled..
Gone are the days..i ran to you..
Kissed you good night..
You said thank you!
Tears dry out..i try to think..
You were my love..my soul indeed!
Eyes blood red..face..dry..
I try hard..just to cry..
I feel am old..i feel am wicked..
I feel am lost in a world so wrecked.
I feel life is worth not living..
I feel to bury myself..
From the world so known to me..
Which left me half dead.

*Dark Angel*


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