*Birds Day Out

Hey all, just so bored at home, I hate summer, i get all kinda heat rash and sun burns!! urghh!!! anyways, was studying and suddenly thought to go in the roof with my camera. Dint even think what am gonna click! and voila, these couple came there, and I was all happy, and it happened in less than a  min or two. oops. they are so fast that they dint let me change my camera setting! *sad* 
P:S- Am not a photographer, don't aim at being one. I enjoy clicking almost randomly : ) 

"When I feel love, I see love everywhere,
when I feel sad, I see sadness around me,
But love overpowers sadness,
so all we should feel is Love, instead of hatred, jealousy!"

love you birdies! thanks for making my day!

Not gonna talk with you ever! is that what they are thinking? lol

OHAI there! clicking my pics? hehe

Feeding! awww 

awww..he's so cute

oh wait..here she comes!

Heyyyyy darling! wait for meeeeeeeee

hahaa..so anyways, this my little birds day out! hope you enjoyed watching them, i couldnt stop laughing while I was clicking, and am still laughing as am typing this. lol. will see you guys later. bbye. take care. and keep rocking!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Your photographs lifted up my spirit !
    Love the way you interpreted each and every gesture of the birds-so cute ! The last pic of the bird flying,its wings spread out is amazing-really appreciate how you find happiness in everyday simple moments !

    1. yeah, thanks to them! They made my day!


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