Hey all, so today was the day of colors i.e holi, as well women's day! since childhood, i've never played holi like that, I just used to sprinkle colored waters to friends and that's it, never had the chance to enjoy like others, and frankly speaking I dont like it much. I am literally scared of it, and as I grew up I started staying back at home, hid myself from everybody. So, today being that scary day, I was at home, studying, gossiping nonstop, taking pictures, and what not? something or the other kept me busy all day.
 I found few of my long lost bangles, which i've never worn, just bought them cos they looked cute. lol. this is really my bad habit of buying cute stuffs even though I will never let them see the sun or the moon. hahaa. so anyways, I managed to click few pics of my fav bangles and thought I will share them as the colors looked simply awesome!

These are few thread bangles..

so I guess everybody enjoyed holi as much as I did without playing hahaaa, 
stay happy, stay blessed. keep smiling.
and happy Women's Day to every women, be proud of what you are!
take care,


*Dark Angel*


  1. DA, such a lovely post you have written to commemorate Holi and Woman's day together! I love the bangles in the 3rd and 4th pic, these are made of shiny fabric it seems . the colors are stunning !

    1. yep, the thread bangles are my fav! love them a lot!

  2. Wow, I love your post.....and the colours are very pretty!!
    Love the thread bangles!!


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