Hazel eyes, short height, didn’t get the first impression right!
I was nervous, slightly scared,
How am gonna introduce me! I had no answer!

I thought he was serious kind, looked damn cute.
I was shivering in cold, looking utterly mute.

Had tuition in evening, bunked it like anything,
Went to a nearby place, he took me,
we talked, sat near a tree,
he looked overtly friendly, I was hypnotized by him.

I knew this wasn’t right, my inner self kicked me in vain,
I lost control, he carried me away.

 I was lost in him, didn’t know what I was thinking,
My vision got blurred; all I could see is him
He was a stranger to me till evening,
But all of a sudden I felt he's a part of me!

Who is he anyway? I asked myself time n again.
He looks known, yet we never met,
Is he the devil in disguise? Vampire?
He's not human, I know for sure.

He took me to a place I never dared to go,
 For I knew it would be hard to come back,
 but I was not scared.
 Not anymore.

Maybe I found love in him.

Maybe I was searching for him since the birth of time.

But I know he will never know this. He will never realize,
Cos to him love doesn’t mean a thing,

All he wants is meat.

It's too late now. I won't try any harder.

For I have already let him go.

and I know he won't come back.


*Dark Angel*


  1. This pic looks like you were down with malaria,jaundice and sea-sickness all at once...:-D
    But lovely poem.....well done!!!!!

    1. hahaaa..that's too much. 3 in 1? anyways, thanks : )

  2. I love how you take the reader into the sequence of events that is to follow...and your opening lines are always great !
    I really liked it.
    Take care,

  3. Wow...this one is different...loved it :-)


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