I was struck by a meteor,
Of thoughts n expressions,
I regained my life,
Out of a black hole.

I never imagined, my life would be so gleam,
Waiting for departure seemed to cling!
Yet, I didn’t kneel back,
Knowing my fate still,
I wanted to explore the hidden mysteries,
Of life, of the sweet extremes.

Suddenly it struck me,
The poet inside shaken n stirred,
I regained my emotion n thought to express it.
I was never too easy with words,
For I never knew how to write,
I never had the chance to say,
Anything that looked right.

I know am disoriented,
With almost everything,
Yet I tried my luck,
And see, I won it!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Awesome poem dear.....Believe me! you aren't disoriented..:D

  2. you have a spark..n i love dis one:)

    1. You know what ? You are getting better and better with each poem. In this poem, I feel that you have evolved a lot, I feel that the use of words and the feelings you wanted to express have become more soulful.
      Keep it up !


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