*Feel Love

Following the dream I have,
Walking past an unknown road,
I dare not look back,
I might fall!
Sunshine pats my shoulder,
Don't give up. Not at all.

I dare not cry, cos I know life is too short,
I dare not say, bid me goodbye.
For I have lot to do, lot to give this pretty world,
The world that showed me love,
Showed me how to care.

My life is not a fairytale,
Am not a princess,
I take life as it comes,
Urgh I know its kinda mess.

But believe me, I do love to live,
I still walk a mile,
I love dancing in the rain,
Cos then none can see me crying.

I love to watch people,
I love staring at them,
I love random things,
My life puts up with me..almost everyday.

The birds wishes me good morning,
Each and every single day,
My cute little kitties lick me in the face,
The children s smile at me, stare at me blankly,
I love those little pure things!

Life is all about loving, without any regrets,
Never dare to look back,
Thinking about its drawbacks,

Pack up your heart, with everything you love,
Feel the sunshine, feel the rain,
Forget everything and love all over again!

*Dark Angel*


  1. A nice composition!Small things in life give the greatest joy:)

  2. Naicee...you growing up,eh? Sunshine always spits at me,never pats my back. Guess you're a good girl then. :P

    1. am grown up already, now growin old! lol..n none is good or bad. weirdness defines me completely ; )

  3. :-) Nice job!!!!!In fact.....very very nice...well done

  4. The way you wrote the first few lines of the poem - those lines are soul stirring . This time, I found your opening lines very beautifully composed -especially the line ' sunshine pats on my shoulder , don't give up at all "., There is a certain kind of ' aliveness' running through the entire poem. The poem is very inspirational as it tells us that Inspite of everything , we can still get up and " love all over again."
    Thank you for writing this lovely poem.

  5. just too good...u really have the magic in your words...


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