I chase within,
A center of wild dreams,
I  find myself, stuck in between,
Of thoughts, dreams, emotions, all extremes,
I can't bound myself within limits,
Not anymore, my heart mutters,
I find my life, stuck in the dark!

The lights went off,
Showing all the scattered and tattered images of me,
I walk, numbing feet; I try to gaze within,
A place so dark smells of blood,
My veins start to crawl, my body, all over,
I lose control, I lose myself,
This time pretty soon,
I fell for the one, evil, violent,
The treacherous animal,
Bloodsucking hound, that leaves no bound,
A cannibal.

I can't help myself, not anymore,
I want no mercy, to prove am wrong,
Yes, I wanted this to be,
I wanted life to be so extreme,
I can't bound myself anymore,
I find myself lost in the dark,
My hand yet searches for the light,
Lost in the midst,
Darkness lures me to a deadly sin!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Is it a tribute to the dark self , the dark side of life or dark angel herself ? But whatever it is , the writing is intense.

  2. Aha,finally all the gals coming my way...the more,the merrier,honey! Welcome to our club! Bye bye,mushy Austens. The dark angel rising.:P

  3. gud one...but y u wanna dwell in th darkness? i guess u need to write during morning time :-P


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