*Love with Nails

Hey all,
Am hating my net connection, its pathetically slow, and its not letting me see the blog updates, neither could I update mine for the last two days, yeah, hating it to infinity, so anyways, was a little bored with bare nails, thought to experiment with the colors, and suddenly it clicked. I like how it turned out, so am here just to share my experiment gone right nails...

Will be back ASAP. 
till then, take care.

*Dark Angel*


  1. I am loving these nail colors , very bold and distinct colour combination. Did you use extra top coat / glaze or are they as it is ? Whatever it is, it is very creative.
    Take care and come back soon !

  2. GEEEE!! :) Super duper aweosme!!! :) I love the colorful ones especially :)


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