I know what am missing,
A part of me.

I know what am lusting for,
A last glimpse.

I know what am doing,
Is all wrong,
It wont end anywhere,
I got nowhere to run.

I know what my heart says,
But my mind never agrees,
I know what to do,
But my fucking soul never let me.

I know am stuck,
In a confused part,
I know am dying,
Slowly, as I try to leave apart.

I know the fact,
You hate me, yet you lust for me.

I know you wanna leave me,
You never wanna see me again,

I know you wanna get rid of me,
You should know I feel the same.

Enough of crying, enough of you.
I never cheat myself, but my heart cheats you.

Yes, it does. hate me for that.
Its enough. You cheated me. You fag.

I wanna get rid of you,
Just as you want,

But I wanna smell you,
Last time, forgive my sin.

Close as we get,
I will try not to speak,
I will try not to utter a word,
Let me feel you one last time,
Until we fall apart.

I know you hate me,
I hate you too,
But don’t go away from me,
Just one last time,
I want you,
I want you as you want me,
Till we leave each other.

I promise not to cry, when you will be gone,
I promise not to break my heart ever,

I promise not to love someone like I loved you,
I promise not to live a life, like I did with you.

I promise to end my life. With a last glimpse of you.

Dead or alive, I wanna meet you one last time,
Till I bid a last good bye!

I promise to make a sin. I will love you,
Till you make me feel you.

I promise to leave you,
Until  am done. Killing you.
Yes.That's what I lust!

*Dark Angel*


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