The day you left me,
Was the day I realized I was alone,
None would be there for me,
Not even my loved one.

How someone I love could turn to be someone unknown?
Was only question I was left with.

I never found the answer,
Nor did you leave me with any clue,
I loved you, you were my last option,
I wanted to live with you.

I miss you, every night I sleep.
I get chills; I get scared too easy,
I look for that hand that would held me,
Hug me and make me cozy.

But you aren't there to help me feed my hungry soul,
I lust for that love, yet I know you are already gone.

My image looks shattered through the mirror I see,
Broken with emptiness, fragile you made me.

I try to wander like a mad soul,
I feel myself lost,
Yet I try to regain myself, and try to live,
Your memories keep me alive now.

*Dark Angel*


  1. Wow! I love this lovey dovey poem! Drives me down memory lane of my own! :)

    1. thanks. glad that someone can relate to this : )

  2. Loved reading the entire poem and this last line "your memories keep me alive now "shows that the lady has somehow regained herself, she is alive !

    1. yeah. after all everybody needs a chance to live, if not with real person, just holding on to memories can do the work too!

  3. fortunately or unfortunately, memories never die :-)


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