hey guys, so I've been MIA. don't know how, don't know why, maybe because I went out too much and got tired while I came back, that's the reason i guess, umm, anyways, While I was away, I clicked few stuffs, wrote a lot, saved them in my cell as well in a folder in this PC, I never get bored with anything, seriously, except studies hahaaa. anyways, here's something I would like to share..

Got bored with pink nail color, and did something weird and funky!

same goes with my finger nails...blue was getting boring day by day, so here comes rainbow...designed by my shaky righty hand, lol

righty...rainbow manicure ; )

Then I played something..

aww..I love her..

Then this ugliest bargain I did this week..I will never ever ever ever ever improve with my bargaining quality..but I like this purse, looks so comfy..

 aww..i love the inside of this purse..wish I could live there..lol

so yeah, that's pretty much it, had a wonderful week, studied a little n enjoyed a lot. hope to be back soon with something more interesting.

Till then, keep smiling, keep rocking ; )

*Dark Angel*


  1. Hey, first the eyes, then the face and finally we get to see the whole person !
    after the whole person, we get to see the nails :-)
    Anyway,you are looking cute, love your smile!
    And that bag is funky!
    Now my questions :
    What is that canvas behind you ? Do you paint as well ?
    How did you paint those dots over the nail colors or are they stick on ?
    And why do you want to live inside the purse ?( haahaaa you can ignore this one )
    Take care,

    1. hahaa..thanks : )
      my bro's an artist.
      n I do that polka dots using toothpicks,
      n i wanna live inside the purse cos its so comfy..lol,
      you too take care : )


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