*Miss you still

Missing is a part of moving on,
heard it somewhere!
I've been in pain, a lot,
A lot more than you can imagine,
Yet I never cared to get you back,
For I knew, its too vague.

I love to love,
But I learnt how to let go,
It takes time,
Probably a century to forget,
Yet seeing you happy is what I long for.

Am too much in love with you,
More than you would really know,
But I cant beg to you,
That’s what am not into.

If you can feel my pain,
Then you will probably feel my love,
If you can feel my silence,
Then you will know how much I miss you,
Almost every second,
My breath reminds me of you,
Of your story,
Yet I know,
It will never repeat,
Not in this century.

I go over your texts,
Day and night,
I never dare to delete them,
From my phone, from my heart,
I miss the voice, that loved me,
I miss the touch that would remind me,
How much I love you,
Truly, madly, deeply.

I miss your lingering scent,
That would tell me you are here,
I miss your reflection on that mirror,
I miss your everything, yet you don’t know,
You will never know it.

I miss being with you, though I know you are happy,

Without me.

*Dark Angel*


  1. Reminds me of the song 'Someone like you' by Adele..:-)

    1. really? wow! that's incredible. I didnt listen that song yet! got to listen now : )

  2. its nice....quite true in fact...touches the heart :-)

  3. First the picture of you in specs , writing something , so totally engrossed in it - love the mood here !
    The poem is so beautifully written on lost love yet memories not letting go of that lost love. I like the lines- I miss being with you although I know you are happy without me !
    Keep it up!


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