*"Oh. My. God. My wrinkles are yellow. My warts are moonlight. My fatigue is the sea. Oh. My. God. Don't abandon me."

I pray to thee lord,
Every night I sleep,
I pray for another day,
For another week.

I know its time,
To bid goodbye to the world.
Yet I try to regain myself,
From all the wounded thoughts.

I have been through years,
It teared me apart,
It broke apart my heart,
I was dying.

But I regained my consciousness,
Maybe I was too young then,
Though I didn’t had the urge to live,
Like I have now.

Why is it lord that when we want something we don’t get?
Why does it happen in my life,
It seems?

I look around, people leading a perfect life,
I see my life screwed up,
From the day it began.

Am old now,
Old with years,
Tired with ages of distorted thoughts,
Fine lines, wrinkles,
Frowning lines appeared,
I can hardly talk, barely can walk,
I look for a helping hand everytime I go out,
Why did this happen to me?
I got no answer,
You were with me all the time,

Cant you hear my screams anymore?
I cried day and night to kill me,
You didn’t listen,
But now I cry in vain,
Just to live another day,
another week,
Please show me mercy,
Don’t kill me. will you?

Post goes for soumi's Memorable March : )

*Dark Angel*


  1. You have written a heartrending piece in consonance with Memorable March.
    On another note, just wanted to add my thougths to this ( nothing to do with the poem ) -The fact that we are 'alive' everyday shows that God has not abandoned us. He has kept us alive, it is up to us how to use our ' aliveness ' or 'life' for a better purpose.
    Take care,

    1. thanks, yeah, God is with us each and every single day, without him we wont be able to live. I thank him for this life. I do.

  2. Ah,you do that,don't you? STOP. Your prayers will never be answered because we all are dead and just pretend to be alive.

    1. "We all are dead and just pretend to be alive."
      This will be my inspiration sometime soon.

    2. soumi, we do pretend to be alive. cos we dont know how to live a life, so pretending is what we all do.

    3. and shiromi, lol, you got another inspiration here. waiting for your version now. ; )


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