You are like a fire,
Dragging me towards you,
Yet I can't stop myself,
I can't get hold of me,
I see myself sucked to the fire,
Just like a fly would,
I see myself destroying me,
Yet I stand aloof.

I don’t get it why am doing this?
I don’t get it why it is always me?
Umm…Maybe cos am different,
From what others wants me to be.

I know it would kill me, but I still am doing it,
I know how it would feel when you will get over me.
But see how weird I am!
And you ask me to prove it.
Hah. How would you know the real me?
Cos am kinda unseen.
Am sure you never got someone like me.
Who would love you like I do.
Yet you don’t trust me,
What more can I do?
It fucking hurts my soul,
My heart bleeds all red,
But still am fighting, I still got some hope.
I know how to deal with it, cos life is a big dope.

Oh my god, you won't believe, I love you,
My heart beats for you,
Oh my god, my eyes are red, crying all night was the cause,
But see, I won't show myself weak,
Cos I know that won't prove my love,
Umm, what can I do then?
Okay…Lets wait and watch!

*Dark Angel* 


  1. Sometimes love turns into deep attachment - and then it hurts.
    I guess you were trying to express something similar in this poem.
    - and that photograph ( it has an old world kinda feeling ) compliments the poem , I feel. -

  2. nice photograph....beautifully rendered words.....but something somewhere was missing!!!


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