I don’t wanna be a burden of age,
I don’t wanna scare people with my rancid image,
I don’t wanna cripple and lie in a bed,
when children's are laughing, crying, dancing by the river bed.

I don’t wanna live a merciful life,
I know my children's would love to keep me alive,
Yet I don’t wanna live a life,
when the life took the spirit out of it.

I don’t wanna be passive,
I wanna be active,
Just like I did when I was young,
I wanna enjoy immortal youth,
I don’t wanna carry an old body,
When my soul is just twenty,
I wanna be free like a spirited youth,
Flying high with unfulfilled dreams.

I know life taught me handful,
yet I wanna learn a new,
Though I already know everything!
I wanna start again,
a journey of life,
a pure bliss to encounter,
with a gift everyday when the sun rise,
and a perfect gift every night,
when I see you aside.

I wanna be the young again,
the young who was loving kind.

I wanna be the young again,
with a spirited mind.

Nothing scares me anymore,
cos I've known the two sides of a same coin,
nothing can stop me now,
even if someone tries hard.
Cos i've known life, the bitter and the sweetest part.

I am a better me now.
and I promise cross my heart,
nothing will ever fall apart!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Very mature thoughts DA, it feels like you have lived a lifetime before....
    I love the idea that although you have learned many life lessons and life has taught you so much, yet you want to be spontaneous like a child and meet and greet everyday as if it is a new day with child like enthusiasm !
    I mean even after knowing the pros and cons of living a life, we cannot be calculating each time, we have to keep our spontaneity alive.
    take care,

    1. Thanks for your thoughts :)
      Life taught me many things, and I aim to learn more!


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