*Am lost

It's true I lied to you,
Yet it kills me to speak the truth,
Cos I know you lie too,
Often, like me.

My life stuck in haywire,
Of moody people running for cover,
I try to question, but they are gone.

I don’t wanna make it to the end,
For I know life gonna be wacky again,
Running through the stream of bitter agony,
Will put my life through an ugly test,
Of truth and lies.

I better try to take a cover instead,
While you look for some better way to deceive,
I won't stop you, I promise;
For I know how it feels to cheat!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Hmmmm....:-( Hope no one cheated you..

  2. Life is harsh at times...and in those times, you have to be stronger than life or get some rest. Vent out your feelings in the form of poetry, prose, photography ...try to channelise your angst, hurt feelings into something creative...
    All the best,

  3. Ah,heart break,I see. Don't worry,it'll be all right. Meanwhile,keep writing.:-)


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