*Awesome Blogger Award

Hey there,

I am sure everybody is fine, though am not! well, am fine but I aim to be at best, curse the weather.
I hate summer, the scorching heat kinda melts me. lol. so anyways, I've been awarded with a blogger award by Diwita  that's really nice of her, and that surely made me a bit cold in this hot hot weather! so going by the rules..

7 things about myself...

1) I love to read short stories instead of long ones i.e novels, but these days am hooked with the later one.
2) I love to click pictures, of everything,
3) I love to wake up late. Atleast not before 9:30 that is!
4) I love to eat ice cream all round the year,
5) I love pasta, and cheese dosa one of my recent favourite,
6) I love shopping,
7) I love babies, they make me happy and crazy! lol

I wanna pass this award to Blogs I find interesting..

Going to inform them now!!!

Keep reading. 


  1. Hi Angel,
    First of all, Congratulations for getting the Awesome Blogger Award !
    You are awesome and you really deserve it !
    And thanks a lot for passing it on to me ! I feel honoured ! You made my day !
    I hope that you feel better soon and come back with a bang ! Meanwhile get some rest....
    Take care,

    1. Thank you : ) you deserve that truly. I did my job!


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