*Bury me

What doesn’t kills you makes you stronger,
Bury me alive, cos I've waited much longer!

I don’t want to live,
I don’t deserve life.
Am too tired to believe all these fake lies.

I know the truth now,
It showed me how you lied,
It's clear to me like water,
Down a deep valley!

I don’t believe it made me strong,
Cos inside 'am weak, 'am fragile, 
Yet am still alive, heart beating like it did always,
But something somewhere is missing,
And I don’t know what that is!

I wanna die a cold and lonely death,
Cos life been a rollercoaster with you always,
Never tried to look beyond the glass,
The world so fake!

Never cared to think out the box,
Cos life seemed happy,
Pure gleam, pure bliss,
With or without you,
I was happy to bits.

But it's killing me inside now,
Yet you see me happy,
We don’t show what we feel,
Do we?
You know that, we don’t!

Inside am dying,
But you see me with a heavenly smile,
A smile you'd die for everytime,
You lied.

We got layers of emotions,
And this one is for you 'am faking,
Don’t catch me in the act already!

It's over with me,
Cos I reached on the other side of life,
Chancing to taste death is my thirst of life now.

What doesn’t kills you make you stronger!
Believe in this fact? go on!
Cos I'll be already gone when you come searching for me,
 Cos what doesn't kills me,
Makes me wanna taste it!

So here's me standing in the periphery of death,
Bidding adieu to the life I dreamt with you!

*Dark Angel*


  1. DA , your writing has really evolved since the day you first started writing this blog. This post shows exactly that.
    " what doesn't kill me makes me wanna taste it ", - such an open challenge to suffering ! Well done !
    Reminds me of those "empowered / woman's power " songs like Cher's " do you believe in life after love " ...
    Keep it up,

    1. Thanks for inspiring each and everyday with your kind comments, means a lot : )


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