Sometimes I let the phone ring,
Sometimes I let the silence scream,
Sometimes am too busy to dream!

Sometimes I wake up late just to miss my school bus,
Sometimes am too tired to get up and walk fast.

Sometimes am too dreamy, I deny waking up to reality,
Sometimes am moody, and I let it swing!
Sometimes am too childish and cry in front of my peers,
Sometimes I really do deny growing up.

Sometimes I want to be me I used to be,
Sometimes I want to go back to the childhood memories.

Sometimes I want to run across the road like none is watching me,
Sometimes I want to do things that didn’t mean a thing.

Sometimes I wish I could ask for another ice cream though I've already had one,
Sometimes I wish people were less judgmental and more loving towards all.

Sometimes I wish it didn’t look bad to hold someone just to kiss and hug!

Sometimes I wish people were more open, and less shy.
Sometimes I wish people were all good, with hearts of gold, and less evil kind.

Sometimes I think, am not human.
Cos the things I dream, I wish, I want, is not anything normal!

But that’s just me, a girl, a child at heart still!
Its my own little world,
I deny growing up with a loving empathy.

*Dark Angel*


  1. I can connect with your words...simple but so true...we are all child at heart.
    And the truer we are to ourselves , people think that it is not normal, if you behave like every one else, people find you normal.-this is the irony of society isn't it ? but I hope that we always remain true to ourselves and do not lose the inner child in us.
    All the best !

    1. Sure, I won't lose it, rather I can't lose it. That's what defines me. : )


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