I don’t want it to look divine,
I don’t want it to rhyme,
My heart has stopped long ago,
I lost control of my mind.

My eyes are red,
Thirsty of blood,
I am not me anymore,
Am a member of the dark!

This is what I want.

Being human was boring,
I knew this was coming.

My skin teared in places,
My claws are as sharp as blades,
I am an animal now,
With paws and claws,
I can win over anything I want.

None can stop me anymore,
Life is awesome,
I can feel that to the core.

The devil inside me reckons!

This is what happens when I don't get sleep at 2 am. A random poem comes out of my crazy mind! hahaa. 

*Dark Angel*


  1. :-) For a second there,I thought were fancying being bitten by a vampire at 2 am in the night...:-P Not a bad poem tho...Loved it...

  2. That's precisely why you're called Dark Angel,right?;-)
    I don't know about others but you won me over. LOL!

    1. LOL! See none can stop me anymore, am the new age devil :P

  3. First of all, the picture. Your imagination is unique, the way you have visualized this picture , as if the devil has come alive.
    When I feel torn into pieces by life, feel too burdened by something, I too come up with such verses- I write at night and forget the next day . Although I do not blog about it very often !

    1. well, I found the picture after writing the poem, and edited it to suit my needs!! I wrote stuffs in my diary earlier, but at night its best to write as a draft in phone and upload in blog, cos blog is my virtual diary to everything now!


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