*My last song

I wanna write the last song of my life,
When the sun will set,
And the moon will never rise,
Letting the darkness to pour into my heart,
I wanna die in God's arm tonight.

Letting myself through pain,
Was never my choice,
But fate had it for me.
Loving to hate myself
Is now my daily habit.

But I wanna stop it right here,
And here I am,
Trying to write the last song,
And fade into the twilight zone.
Away from treacherous lies,
With smiles in ugly minds,
I wanna stay away from everything that got life,
But is mere fake inside.

I won't write anymore,
cos, 'am done.
This is it.
Life is a beautiful lie,
Death is a painful truth!

This post goes for Blublubling's Awesome April Day 3 : )

*Dark Angel*


  1. Thank you for accepting the award DA! Why don't you display it proudly on your blog along with those beautiful inspirational posters that you have put up? It is a feather in your cap !
    Anyway, even in sorrow you are writing beautiful verses . It shows that you are greater than your sorrow !
    Keep writing and visit my comments section to know why I have given you this award ! It might cheer you up a bit .
    Take care,


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