*Letter L

Love you to bits and pieces,
It already made me numb,
I fear I will succumb to silence forever.

Death doesn’t scare me, love does.

I got no tears left to shed,
I can't sympathize my frail heart.
It’s a shame to me,
Though still I love you with all my broken heart.

Feel my silence if you loved me too,
Come back to me already...Will you?
Am waiting…for you still,
Cos I love you…and always will!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Nursing a broken heart,eh? I got over love long back.

    1. Love? Lol! That is an illusion, nothing more.

  2. Such a sweet poem !
    Again , I wanted to say a few words on the self-photographs you are taking - they are so different and creative, with different hues, shades and moods! Love them all !
    Take care,

    1. thanks..I love experimenting! thanks for loving them. surely made me happy : )


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