*L.I.A...Oh yeah!

Wondering what L.I.A stands for? Well, that stands for Life Is Awesome! Yes. Life is really awesome. and outside its raining as my typing this which in fact is one of the many reasons why my life is so awesome! I can state more than 1000 facts that makes my life awesome, but I just can't type write now cos I applied nailcolor few minutes back and its still in the process of drying! So anyways, I just wanna share something today.
Guess what?! I got a liebster's blogger award from one of my fav blogger friend cum sis cum inspiring person Sanghamitra deedeee(well, this sounds like deedee from dexter right?) from La dolce vita. and am like in cloud nine just like that bryan adams song! am so happy, I don't think am worthy to receive this award, but still she was too kind to award me, and its such an honour I feel really good since I received this, I've been waiting to update my blog since yesterday but thanks to my net, its horribly horrible!  

tada...here it goes..

But the thing is that, I can't forward this award to any blogger as I rarely check others blogs, am too irregular, have to change this habit I guess. This time I can't pass on this award to anybody, but surely in the future I will pass on. I promise. 

*Dark Angel*


  1. DA, thanks for accepting the award . And it is ok. No need to pass it on if you don't feel like. There should not be any hard and fast rule and if there is then break them :-) I was once tagged and asked to tag 11 bloggers and at that time I did not even know 5 bloggers properly ! So there you go.
    Just concentrate on your writing, forget the rules,
    Take care,

    1. Thank you! I love to break rules! that's fun!! hahaaaa


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