* love you lots

Missing you is my choice,
But I learnt to let go,
I've been in pain for time immemorial,
Yet I don’t wanna forget
the memories you gave me,
I don’t wanna regret,
Cos loving you was my favorite mistake.

You are done with me I know,
I know the truth is bitter always,
But you see,
Loving you was my favorite mistake.

I wanna repeat it almost thousand more times,
I won't get tired I promise,
For, you know,
Loving you is what I love to do.

I walk past the road,
Alone, smiling, laughing,
Thinking of our time together,
I see people staring at me blankly,
Thinking I've gone mad,
But you know,
I don’t mind, cos all I think is about you.

I love to dance in the rain,
Cos that’s the only time,
none can catch me crying, 
I love to listen to your favorite songs,
Cos that reminds me of the kiss,
I thought you were my world,
But yeah, am wrong with this.

I knew good things comes to an end,
So did mine,
You had to leave me,
Cos our time had come,
I didn’t mean to cry,
When you left me alone,
I felt a sudden thunder struck my heart,
I felt i'll die,
But your memories didn't let me to,
I stood up again,
I felt pity for myself though,
But that didn't make me stop loving you,
though I learnt to live without you.

I didn't want you to suffer,
Cos to you I was an old chapter,
But to me, you were as new as a newborn child,
But yeah, I learnt to forgive,
Cos life goes on.
But don’t ask me to forget you,
I promise not to ask you
To love me again,
Yes, I will never.

But yeah, I do promise to repeat my mistake,
of loving you all over again!

Post goes for Blublubling's Awesome April Day 1 : )

*Dark Angel*


  1. wat a thought... Loving u ws my favorite mistake... Ths is one of ur best.u r awesome,simply remarkable.i dnt knw whom 2 cmpare u wd,u r creating a name of ur.vry soon u wl b th idol of Gen Y :-)

  2. AWWW! It's downright adorable! Though it's morose ,I kinda love the love just bubbling within you! I think women possess this very strong emotion ..we can be so loving even when we shouldn't or can't!! A weird thing about women.. being in love <3

    :)Much love to you!

    1. thank you, and yeah, that's what makes us different. we go through a lot of pain. yet we smile! and I guess we know how to love, just that. we know nothing about hate. rather we cant hate even if we want to!

  3. Let go,let go,balikey. It feels lighter that way. Trust me,I know.

  4. WOW!! from the ur post on Soumi's "too blue or true blue" to THIS, u have come a long way girl,,keep it up!!:)

  5. This is so cute! I feel this way too though I hate myself for it.

    1. dont hate. that's the best feeling! :)

  6. Loving you was my favourite mistake" and I promise to repeat my mistake of loving you all over again " -
    I really appreciate this dedication of yours to unconditional love .
    Take care Angel and keep writing ,

    1. Wanted to add : loving the new fonts of your blog !

    2. love should be unconditional. that's what its all about. thanks :)

  7. I was hoping someone would do a poem. Love it :D

  8. You are an incredible writer.You should bring out your own anthology one day.

    1. omg! that's too much of an appreciation. Thanks a lot Rahul :)


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