April went off too fast, I could count the days, hours, and minutes, OMG! Earth is spinning too fast I think or life is moving too fast, either way, 24 hours seems too short time to do a lot of stuff that I aim to do everyday. I have noticed that for the past few months I've not taken any pictures, random shots that I used to click almost everyday. Life is too short, and I wanna enjoy every tiny bit of it. Though I get bored at times, and try to delve into things that would brighten up my mood. These days two almost different songs wake me up in the morning, those are I am alive by Celine Dion and Leaving, on a jet plane by John Denver. I love these songs to infinity that I listen to them again and again. So anyways, just to wind up my mood, I took some random shots and thought to share...

Tried to draw a lot of new wallpapers today cos I get bored too easy with same wallpapers and ringtones, so these are what I came up with..

That's what I did today..
hope everybody is doing good.
Lots of love.


  1. Celine Dion is one of my fav artist, I just love her ! I grew up listening to her ! I love all her songs but more particularly - The power of love, Immortality, Because you loved me, Falling into you, A new day has come, etc.
    And I love the song " Leaving in a jet plane ". it was originally written and sung by John Denver in 1966. This song has been sung by so many artists so many times after that !
    But I remember mostly the version sung by Chantal Kreviazuk for the movie "Armageddon". Do listen to this version if you haven't already :-)She did a great job.
    Love all the photos !
    Keep it up!

    1. Yep, celine dion is one of my fav too, she has mesmerizing voice. I haven't listen to chantal kreviazuk, will surely do : )
      thanks for loving these photos, didn't have anything to do!

  2. Thank you for following my blog. Follow you back and hope we become really good blogger friends.

    1. Thanks for following back.I love your style. Hope to be good friends : )

  3. So you're bragging your phone..ahahhaha...joke!

    The only thing I knew about Celion Dion is that she sang the theme song of the phenomenal sound track of the top-grossing film Titanic.

    1. My heart will go on! That was a nice song!


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