*My mind is out of control

I wanna get lost in a madding crowd,
I wanna drink the spirit of life,
and dance to the beats of it.

I wanna fly high,
Up, up, and away,
from people, and their distorted thoughts,
All wired up to their so called brains!

I wanna watch the sea,
I wanna feel the waves kissing my feet,
I wanna touch the night sky,
with my finger tips.

I wanna hug the morning,
As tightly as I could ever!
I wanna run, run, and run away,
To a distant land, for ever!

I wanna stay in an nameless place,
With unknown people surrounding me,
I wanna stay anonymous, a girl, unknown to everybody!

I wanna walk past the road, with scorching sun up in the sky,
Burning my skin, to roasty red, I wanna feel the pain inside!

I wanna be the bohemian, the girl, who chases her dreams,
I wanna be the girl, the bohemian, who is chased by her willful dreams!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Take me along. I SO need this!

  2. Yes, just like Soumi, I want to say too, take me along in this journey of joyful abandon !
    Lovely free spirited writing ,
    Take care,

    1. Thank you. Only I wish I could do this in real life! sigh!

  3. Ahhh...a smiling pic...:-) Finally...and a lovely poem to go along with it...Fabulous..


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