I slipped into coma of silence forever,
My soul is vulnerable, trying to take a cover.

Am numbed by pain, I can't move,
I can just fret, trying to pass out for good.

I see faces, crying for me,
I can't differentiate the known from these.

God took the sense outta me, a life best unseen.

Am lured to a place where strangers love each other,
A place to be lived forever in peace;

I wanna be there now I can feel,
Fighting, to break the cage of steel.

Am numbed by pain,
I can't move a bit,
Dying slowly death has already kicked in.

I can feel peace in every breath 'am taking,
A peace I was searching ever since I began to dream!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Has the search ended? That's sad.

  2. Dreams give freedom sometimes, sometimes pain.
    And in dreams nothing is in our control. But here I am talking about natural dreams, not those self created ones.
    Your dream seems to be self created and gives you peace ....so dream on.
    Loved the theme of this poem,
    Take care,


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