*Remembering you

"You are beautiful" 
Echoed past my ears…
Is that you?
I searched everywhere,
But could see none,
yet I know you are there,
It was dark blinding night,
I was scared,
cos am alone,
In a 10 ft room.

I've been staying here for years,
50 perhaps.
Am old now.
I get tired easily,
hardly can walk,
Hardly can move my feeble body,
Wrinkles past my face,
I look into the mirror,
I see myself,
Kinda gaga with age,
My image whispers "am done with you lady!
You are old now, you look weird,
None will love you anymore,"
But I say "I don’t wanna let go off already!"
He said am beautiful,
Yes I am.
We were together for 40 years,
I've never left him alone,
He used to be with me everywhere.

We never got tired of loving each other,
We were never old with anything,
Though he was my man of mystery,
He knew me completely.
He was my world,
My last resort,
We beat the odds.

People said we wont go along,
But we did it,
We proved them wrong,
Cos he was destined to be mine forever.

We were to die together
We promised each other,
But time was jealous of our love,
took him away from me,
Leaving me all alone.

I am scared of my image now,
I get sick too easy,
Cos I lost my life,
My world was just him,
I got nothing more to lose,
I want death now,
But his love makes me wanna live,
I cherish the memories we had together,
He seems to follow me everywhere,
Like a shadow of my own reflection,
He wont let me die alone,
He's still there with me I know,
I can feel the kiss in my lip,
When he said "I do"
When I cried, he used to kiss my neck,
And say, "oh my lady you are most beautiful"
That made me cry more,
Cos, we loved like crazy,
40 years went off so fast,
I can count the days,
I miss him a lot,
Yet I know he's still there,
Watching me.

Am old now,
I want to die everytime am scared,
Yet he saves me with his memories,
The times we spent together.

Yes I wont give up baby,
cos I know am beautiful,
Yes  am beautiful,
And I will live,
Until am done remembering you!

Post goes for Blublubling's Awesome April Day 2 :)

*Dark Angel*


  1. Hmmm...pretty mature,coming from someone so young!

  2. Amazing! This is indeed one of your best poems!!! Love it love it LOVE IT!! :) emissions from the soul :)

  3. wow, i had an epiphany....nice this was...

  4. Good imagination...very well portrayed...couldn't believe someone so young could write like this...quite mature thoughts u hv...well depicted...keep it up :-)

  5. Your poem reminds me of the fragility of time, my husband and I , now we are together, we want to grow old together but can we live forever ? My parents, other old couples and anyone who is left alone by the death of the other- I sometimes try to imagine their situation, try to feel what it will be like when one is gone....especially when you are in so much of love with one another...and therefore, I want to cherish every day of our togetherness perhaps .
    Great writing !
    Angel, I am very glad to tell you that I have gifted you the The Liebster Blog award along with 4 other bloggers. Please visit my blog and accept it.
    Have a nice day,


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