I've been out of blogging for few days, am suffering from some weird thing which I don't even know! Hooked with Robin Cook's Contagion, its getting me all tensed, am really busy with that book apart from studying. Well, the worst thing is I changed my cell, and lost all my contacts apart from few lucky ones who managed to stay in my sim contacts, am really pissed off with this, and I know my friends and acquaintances are thinking this gal is really rude and arrogant! wow! well...go on, I've nothing to do, rather than to wait for your calls, or texts at least, why always it will be me who's gonna call or text first? naah. am now waiting, and just watching how and when people contact me! huh!! thankfully met a friend yesterday, took her number, and described how miserable 'am these days! but she surely got me wrong and thought otherwise! Whatever!hahaaa. No mood to write poetry, if I try to write one am sure I will be writing some medical poetry now! lol. ...just scribbling things here and there..sharing one such thing I wrote..

Dont search for me in the crowd, 
you wont find me there,
just take breath and look around,
am standing,
waiting for you,
right behind, where you are!

Stay happy, take care..will be back shortly, with something different for sure : )


  1. Sometimes you know what ? I want to lose my mobile phone too ( although it is not a good idea) and get away from people who exists for exchanging only hi's and bye's, and for shedding their problems and burdens on me but share nothing substantial !

    1. DA, I have sent you a mail attaching the photo of the kurti you wanted to see earlier. Pls Check it.

    2. Just so true. I hate small talks, and I can't be good with everybody, so yeah, its cool with me now!

  2. We can find joy in little things!
    Here's something you might like!
    I just awarded you the Awesome Blogger award! Visit my page to know about the details!

    Congrats! :D

    1. Wow! Thanks a lot diwita, that's so nice of you : )


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