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Good Afternoon, am feeling drastically sleepy today, it rained in the morning, and its too cold now, am loving this weather to infinity! yippee, just too happy. Thought to stay awake, so just had to do something instead of studying, and here's me updating my blog with one of my recent nail art! I find it boring how people care less about their nails, wow! I know am damn lazy with almost every stuff, but hey! I never forget to care for my nails, it looks awesome to paint them weird you see! and so I am. Weirdly weird! 
I know this nail art wasn't good enough, cos I was talking over the phone and in between painted them, so messed up a bit!

Happy Feet ^_^

Lets stop,
I know I don't talk much over here, that's mainly because I like my pictures to do the talking!
Guess you liked the nail art as much as I did!
Hope to come back soon with something better!
Till then, take care, and keep blogging, cos I love reading. Bbye and keep rocking : )


  1. Love your nail art, the stripes particularly!

  2. You're C-R-A-Z-Y! And I LOVE you for that! We should've been roommates! I HATE doing my nails! And I loved the rain in the morning too though I was fast asleep. I wanted to stay home back and have khichudi but had a busy day. Had fun though. We had this unplanned party at the studio.:-)

    1. hahaa, yep, am crazy, and so I love you too. lol. you should try doing your nails, its cool to paint them weirdly and get weird attentions everywhere! I so love this weather, I wish it stays forever if not atleast for a month is fine too.

  3. wonderful colors on your nails!!!


    1. thank you for dropping by, and thanks for appreciating : )


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