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Life is Game, and you got to play it like you are champion instead of rookie or pro!!!
 My life is in a constant changing process, I change everyday, from my views, dresses, makeup, accessories, purse, chappals, lip color, and what not? I like to experiment with almost everything, life is too short to stick on something without exploring the whole of it. I maybe weird to some, but I actually enjoy life in a much better way than them. I like to take risks, but no, am not a fool, I do see the pros and cons of everything and act wisely. I like to make friends, though not many, only a few, cos with a few people, you can know them better, and in this lifetime you will be able to count at least one of them in your ten fingers. I don't actually love to follow the crowd, don't know why, but it don't fascinate me. Am a secretive person, a lot. Even my friends don't know me full, though they feel they know me completely. But that's me. Maybe I've split personality hahaaa. I like to take chances, I regret at times for taking wrong decisions, I hate myself if I misbehave with anybody, I don't miss to stand up and say sorry if I do wrong, I don't hate anybody, though I know there are a lot of people who hates me for reasons unknown to me, or that's just me making up all these in my head? maybe. I am a crybaby, if someone says something rudely, I end up crying without realizing the place am in, be it road, college, metro, shops, whatever, wherever. I am emotional. A lot. But yeah everybody has their weaknesses. I too have those, and with them, am happily living my life, like any other people of this world. 
I don't write much on my blog, because whenever I come here to write something, poetry comes in my mind and I express through rhythmic words, but today I felt to write something instead of putting down these words in poetry. I took time to search these pictures and thought to share it in here..

Dont give up, go on trying...

Never regret..things happen for good : )

Be kind to everybody..if you cant, just ignore without misbehaving... 

Share with someone you trust, it helps in a lot of ways you dont even know..trust me, I know how it feels to share : )

Be gentle, be kind, be generous, do things, but dont expect in return, it will take you a long way.. 

Intuition...is a GIFT!!! 

Keep faith..and move on.  

Trust yourself. 

Focus, capture, like it? keep it. dont? just delete and take another one..simple ; )

Be what you want to be, just don't listen to anybody, keep faith, move on, love unconditionally, live life to the fullest, just watch those children's and try to be like them, free and full of life! Love yourself, and love others!

That's all for today, hope to come back soon. Take care. Keep smiling : )


  1. Hey DA, I truly loved reading your post ...so full of depth and motivation...you think so much like me !
    I also believe that I feel more comfortable and satisfied in expressing myself through poetry than prose, just like you. But you should write prose often, I have noticed that you can express yourself very well in prose too. I love reading them. This post of yours, I really liked.

    Thanks for sharing all the lovely quotes and I like this one the best : the bad things in life open our eyes to the good things that we were ignoring so far - I do believe in it.
    The kittens are very cute.

    take care,

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I will try to write more, and yeah you are right, we do think alike!


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