*Dear God

I need a world, where people were less evil,
Where people wouldn’t wear masks to deceive,
A world where everything was true and pure, and not fake within.
A world God dreamt of, the day he started spinning the wheel!
The wheel of life, where people come, and bid goodbyes,
A life too small, you can count the days you lived here.

A life, often mistaken as a monotonous thing,
But it’s a gift, God gives only to the deserving!
A lot take it for granted; a lot plays with it,
Emotion, love, kindness is etched on our heart from the day it started beating!
People are taken by the negative power of the world,
A good person hidden by a treacherous mask of evil trying to rule this pure world!
You don’t need to be saint to be the follower of love and truth,
It's all in the mind and heart, to be kind and good!
But it's just a fake world we are living!

I too dreamt of a world,
A place where we could love instead of hatred and jealousy,
A world so pure and gleam is hard to find.

But my quest is still on..I wish to reach for the stairs of heaven,
I wish to meet God for once in this lifetime,
And wish to ask him why he chose to give life to human,
I want to ask why are we taken over by the evil,
Why can't we all be good and kind and stay away from jealousy?
Why are we killing our brothers for baseless things?
I want to ask God, why is he playing with our life so mysteriously,
I want to ask God, does he ever help the needy?
I wish to ask him, if he could help us grow another heart,
So that one heart will keep us alive when another is broken to pieces!
I know I sound like am in an emotional turmoil,
But no, it's just a few questions I dream everyday and night!
I am yet to find someone who can answer them,
But am sure, God is listening to me, and am still searching for the stairs to heaven,
Am sure I'll find it soon, if not in this lifetime,
Maybe next!

*Dark Angel*


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    1. You reminded me of the Joan Osborne song "What if God was one of us ? "
      I dealt with this question for so long and I have come to realize that " We are God/ We can be God". Because in the Bible it is written "God has created us in His own image".
      When there is injustice, people similar to you and me { with the same physical flesh and blood and heart and soul} are doing that injustice. When there is love, people like you and me { with the same physical flesh,blood,heart,soul]are spreading love.
      "God embodies all the higher qualities of love,compassion, forgiveness". Man embodies all the lower qualities of hate,injustice,blame,unforgiveness.
      However, man can transform into God if he wants to...as God has given us that opportunity by "creating us in his own image ".
      How can "one God" sitting in heaven and give justice/injustice when people are themselves responsible for doing injustice upon one another.
      The duty of God ended when he created us upon his image, I think.
      It is up to us whether we can build ourselves upon his image. Those who don't want to be like God are actually spreading violence and injustice, So how can God give us justice when we are hell bent on going against God's will?
      These are some important questions coming in my mind right now.
      DA, you have raised some very important questions about life, you are a seeker of truth.

    2. Thanks for your feedback, yeah, you are right, God has created us in his own image. Quite right. We are not aware of it. But we surely have failed to build ourselves upon his image, we can never reach his stage, but still we should not give up and should go on trying till the last breath leaves us!

  2. I so wish that you are able to find answers to all these questions.Your post was so true and full of pain.
    The only world that seems to be without evil is in our dreams that we may create.

    1. Yeah, dream is where we try to create a world of our own, where we can do anything! Reality sucks.

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment! Your post is adorable and so true! I really like your blog and follow you now (:

  4. "I wish to ask him, if he could help us grow another heart,
    So that one heart will keep us alive when another is broken to pieces!"

    I loved this line that you wrote. Truly, emotionally, we sometimes really feel the urge to ask God these questions, but yet they remain unanswered. With so much of misery all around, so much of deception and lies, poverty and helplessness in abundance, is there really someone out there who is guarding us. Probably yes, but as you have said, we may get the answer in the next lifetime. A realistic poem with a message. Good work :-)

    1. I too loved that line when I wrote..ha ha..Thanks for loving this poetry : )

  5. Great questions for God - sometimes I want to ask the same ones. It's hard, because there are no answers it seems...only faith and the will to keep moving forward.


    1. Yeah, so true Amber! I wish to ask him someday.
      Thanks for dropping by : )

  6. Really like what you wrote!! :) Seriously.. what god created was different.. it was beautiful .. and look what man has turned it into! EVIL! I hope god forgives us and keeps showering us with blessings :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment :)


    1. Yeah, sure, he will! Thanks for visiting my blog : )


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